Artist Profiles

All of the artists that have performed at Bennetts Lane.

James ‘Larry’ Carter Quartet

The James ‘Larry’ Carter quartet was formed after an 18-month residency which saw four musicians create a distinct and individual sound. This music combines the energy and tradition of American Jazz, the sensitivity and melodic intricacy of European improvised music and the chamber-like qualities of Western Classical music.

Trained in the tradition of Jazz and Improvised music, these musicians share a desire to create a simpler sound. Their debut album ‘After All’ was recorded in October 2011 at Newmarket Studios, mixed and mastered by Philip Rex and distributed through Newmarket music. The majority of the material was composed by James Carter as a suite after a period of study in New York City, and could be likened to a song cycle in classical music or a concept album in popular music.

Featuring Monash University graduates James ‘Larry’ Carter on alto saxophone, Christian Meyer on guitar, Daniel Sheehan on piano and Ben Christensen on double bass, the group is made up of young musicians who are beginning to make an impact on the Melbourne music scene. 

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